Duncan Bannatyne: The Dos and Don’ts of Business for Beginners




One of the most outstanding UK’s entrepreneurs in the hotel and health club sector, Duncan Bannatyne enjoys sharing his firsthand experience helping the entrepreneurs avoid the traps and pitfalls of starting a business from scratch. He already wrote sevenbooks, including the Sunday Telegraph’s best-selling Wake Up and Change Your Lifeand How to be Smart with Your Money.What makes Bannatyne’s career so impressive and his insights so strongly sought for? The Scottish entrepreneur changed a lot of jobs before getting his first big break at 30,which he rapidly turned into a bigger success as soon as a new opportunity was in sight. This skill of recognizing and seizing the opportunities, as well as the talent of surviving in a highly competitive market have brought Duncan Bannatyne from ice cream selling to the hotel, health clubs, and spa industry.A poor working-class man until 30, and a hotels-to-gym mogul at 70, Bannatyne owns the Bannatyne Group, which is the largest independent chain of health clubs in the UK with 71 gyms, 46 spas, and 4 hotels. The Scottish entrepreneur is also a dedicated philanthropist with a focus on children, whose charity contribution was recognized withthe Order of the British Empire. Participation in the BBC Series “Dragon’s Den” in the role of a business angel investing in startups demonstrated Duncan Bannatyne’s business visionary talent and made him a household name.

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